UniGOPred is an automated protein function prediction tool and GO prediction database of UniProtKB for all three categories of GO. It is composed of two components: 1) A novel prediction tool for sequence based GO annotations. 2) A database of pre-computed MF GO term predictions for UniProtKB entries and a database of pre-computed BP and CC GO term predictions for Model Organisms. List of model organims are obtained from website of National Institute of Health (NIH) and the sequences for the corresponding model organisms are obtained from UniProtKB. The main characteristics that differentiate our approach from existing studies are the use of a combination of independent classifiers, and novel data preparation and evaluation methods. UniGOPred is trained for 514 Molecular Function GO terms, 438 Cellular Component GO terms and 2909 Biological Process GO terms. When a protein sequence is given as input, the predictions are sent to the e-mail address of the user. Alternatively, a UniProt accession can be submitted to get pre-computed MF predictions as an e-mail. Below list of trained GO terms are given for each category of GO: